Hypnax – Landing Page

Landing Page Project

HYPNAX is a company that manufactures and sells these comfortable devices, that helps you to stop snoring by preventing you to turn to your back in your sleep. Get more energy daytime, by sleeping better nighttime.

Project Description

HYPNAX, a company that sells one simple sleeping device designed to help prevent snoring, uses a one-page website to showcase its product. It includes a call to action (CTA) in the upper right-hand corner, where CTAs are notoriously found, creating a familiar user experience. What’s unique about its CTA is that it’s incredibly streamlined with an easy, one-click, add-to-cart function that eliminates friction, enabling visitors to quickly make a purchase.

Project Details

  • Client: HYPNAX
  • Category: Landing Page
  • Software: WordPress Website
  • Website: hypnax.co